New Round Bases

I’ve been busy in the man shed getting ready for Model Expo and have been running a few tests to produce round bases. I finally got my hands on a Triton Router which come with all the bells and whistles. The best part is that it come with a circle cutting template to be able to easily and accurately cut circles of up to around 300mm and down to around 150mm diameter. To be able to run the cuts I also purchased a new CMT Spiral bit which are extremely sharp and cuts timber like butter. There are some trade secretes of mounting and cutting that I will keep in the tool shed, but I was up and running in no time and cut my first circle using MDF. Now, MDF is very easy to cut but does throw out a lot of very fine dust so good ventilation and a dust respirator / face shield is a must. The initial test circle cuts were very nice indeed and was pumped to get into some real timber to see what I could come up with using a length of Tas Oak. I have also created a number of Jarrah round bases with a high gloss finish and similar is size to these.

Here are the results with the following stats:

Timber: Tas Oak

Thickness: 20mm

Edge: Ogee

Diameter: 153mm

Finish: High Gloss


I am very happy with these and were not possible without some quality purpose built tooling, and will add to my overall range of various base sizes and shapes – see you at Model Expo