Selecting a Base

I can say with many years of experience as a modeller that a base for your model is as important as the model itself, and it can really add to the wow factor of the finished result.

We can all spend many hours researching, assembling and detailing our cherished kits and put in so much time and expense. The only thing that many overlook is to display the finished kit in a way that draws attention and gives you a true sense of accomplishment.

At BASE44 we not only provide bases but we also take the time to come up with solutions to individuals needs. Models come in all sorts of scales and sizes so more often than not we embark on a customized process to get the end result that suits the build in mind.

We have a number of bases in store that we take to various shows or for general sale, and we also provide an online order form to cater for custom orders or for general inquiries.