Announcement 2016

From 2016 BASE44 will cease trading at any event but will continue to produce orders on request, and only through this website.

As a model base producer one of the things that we enjoyed the most was to attended various modelling events to meet the public and to promote what we do, and sell our work. While this was fine and well for a number of years, increasing costs have made this not as viable as it once was.

However, I have always been a modeller first and the original plan was to sell bases to pay the way for all those lovely kits, tools and books etc. It just so happened that BASE44 grew much bigger than I thought, and the modelling suffered some what with a lower output of completed kits. This wasn’t a bad thing, quite the opposite, but like I said the costs of attending events make it difficult and something had to give.

Anyway, BASE44 is still alive but just not out there like it was, and who knows what the future holds.



Michael Tabone