Panther G 121 Hungary 1945 – Ian Hill

Here we have an amazing diorama built by one of our most talented modellers Ian Hill, which features one of our bases. The timber of choice here is 180x280x38mm Jarrah with a Cove edge which creates a truly professional finish. The base was one of several purchased at the same time so I guess Ian has a few future projects in mind.

Historical Context:

In January of 1945, the Germans launched a three part offensive code named ‘Operation Konrad’, which was a joint German-Hungarian effort to relieve the encircled garrison of Budapest. The battle was fought out between Budapest and Lake Balaton to the south and was quite open country for tank warfare. The troops in the east did not get resupplied with winter whitewash in the final winter apparently, and had to make make do unless they had access to previous supplies.

Panther 121 was destroyed in the last winter on the Eastern Front as part of the final German offensive of the war. 

Other Works:

Ian is a not only a modeller but an accomplished artist although the two go hand in hand. If you would like to see some of Ian’s amazing works then click here Threedbattleart.