Lastest Ship Base Order – Part 1

Here I have a customer order for a ship base that raises a series of challenges that I thought would make for an interesting article. Firstly I should say that the wider and thicker the timber the greater the cost to purchase from suppliers. One solution to reduce the cost is to laminate smaller width timbers to create a single wider piece. Firstly the required width of the finished piece will determine the width of each length. Once the lengths are sourced they are then docked to around 10-20mm longer that the required length. The laminating (joining) process involves running a slot horizontally to create what are called biscuit joints. These joints then accept a small piece of MDF to act as a tongue onto which a second length can attach to.

Each length is glued and clamped and allowed to dry over night, and when ready can be cut to the exact length as required. As in the case of this order a perspex case will be added, so using a table mounted router and a straight bit I was able to run a 2mm lip to create a raised center piece where the case would sit, and in effect lock in the case to stop movement. An edge was routered free hand to create the Chamfer around the the whole base followed by a Teak oil finish to produce what you see here.

At the time of writing the stain was still drying so I will post a new pic with the perspex case and felt bottom.

  • Timber: Tas Oak
  • Dimensions: 635 x 232 x 20
  • Edge: Chamfer
  • Finish: Teak – Oil Based Stain
  • Underlay: Black felt
  • Custom requirements: to fit existing perspex case




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